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Reveal your inner glow with Omega Hydroxy.

Forget the pain, costs and downtime of laser and chemical peels. This deeply exfoliating, resurfacing treatment helps brighten and revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling seriously clean, refined and renewed.

Serious Exfoliating & Revitalising Peel

You’ll see a lighter, smoother complexion as Omega Hydroxy cleanses pores and brightens dull, lifeless skin, softening fine lines while firming and lifting. It’s suitable for all skin types and ideal for sun damaged and acne prone skin. Omega Hydroxy gets you glowing in no time and you’ll notice even more glowing skin with regular use.

Apply to cleansed skin, gently massaging over entire face. Your skin may tingle as the ingredients get to work. Use at night only. Stop using if any irritation occurs.

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